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What is webpreneurship? Who are the webpreneurs? What do webpreneurs do? Why should I be a webpreneur? These are just some of the questions that this article will be tackling. Here, you will learn the foundations of webpreneurship, the advantages and disadvantages of webpreneurship, and the ways on how webpreneurs earn income from various techniques.

What Is Webpreneurship?

Webpreneurship, as I will define it is the process of starting a business through the web with the goal of generating revenue residually, passively, actively, or a combination of all. You, the person who acts on the process is what I call a webpreneur.

Some Categories of Webpreneurs

  1. Infopreneur – an infopreneur is a type of webpreneur who creates information-rich materials to education or inform consumers of a particular idea, product, etc. They are people who sell knowledge and expertise through their online website in the form of printables, audibles, podcasts, courses, memberships, etc.
  2. Solopreneur – a solopreneur basically means a webpreneur who consider themselves a one-man-band — operated by one person only. Hence, the term solo.
  3. Mompreneur – mompreneurs are the stay-at-home moms who utilize the web to generate extra income from home.
You can be any of the types of webpreneur, combining one with another; But either way, in general, as long as you are trying and your goal is to make money through the web, then you are a webpreneur. There is really no mandatory name for webpreneurs. This is just to filter the variety of –preneur terms out in the internet that some people have made up such as, ‘multipreneur’, ‘ecopreneur’, ‘minioreneur’, ‘localpreneur’, ‘wingpreneur’, ‘passivepreneur’, etc. The most absurd –preneur terms I have encountered are ‘dinopreneur’, ‘profitpreneur’, parentpreneur’, etc.
The Negative Connotation of Working from Home And Earing Passive Income
Making money online, working from home, earning passive or residual income has always had a negative connotation attached to it since the early days of the internet. With that being said, one can’t really blame anyone because of this. The internet was made to disseminate important information remotely and efficiently. However, every good creation can be exploited bu evil men with evil agendas such as scammers, sahmmers, multi-level marketers, phishers, etc.
More so, with money controlling how we get our necessities and wants in life, one can easily be deceived by a get-rich-quick scheme also known as scams. As a webpreneur, your intentions are not my responsibility but I will teach you information and knowledge no other entity has ever done yet. I will teach you how to make money the white hat, black hat, and gray hat way.
Who Is Webpreneurship For?
Webpreneurship knows no boundaries. Anyone with a strong passion for success and learning can pursue this route. You can be the 10% Entrepreneur or the full-time entrepreneur. You decide.
[disclaim]The information I will present in this website is meant for educational purposes only. Please utilize at your own discretion and risk.[/disclaim]

Pros And Cons of Webpreneurship

  • work from home
  • cost-effective
  • passion-driven
  • learning opportunity
  • freedom from the ‘rat race’
  • income opportunity could be higher than your 9 to 5[/left]
  • risky
  • time-consuming
  • stability
  • investment-driven in terms of time, effort, and work[/right]

Why Be A Webpreneur?

One of the key benefits of having your own online business is the fact that it has the potential to increase your wealth, whether you pursue it full-time or part-time. With the tech era in full swing, it’s definitely the best time to pursue this route. Once you have fully established your business and have a decent stable profit on a monthly basis, then you’ll have the freedom to work from home and quit the 9 to 5. More so, pursuing your passion via a niche will not only make you productive, but you will never feel “working a job” in your life.

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